I already have the previous version of SpeedOptimizer installed on my PC.
How should I install the new version?

SpeedOptimizer 3.0 is an upgrade to previous versions of SpeedOptimizer. When installing the new SpeedOptimizer, previous versions will be automatically removed as part of the installation process.

I installed SpeedOptimizer, but I am getting a strange error message when I try to launch it. What's wrong?

SpeedOptimizer requires you have the .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) installed on your computer. This is a free, one-time download from Microsoft. Download it from here and then run SpeedOptimizer again.

What happens after uninstalling SpeedOptimizer 3.0?

When uninstalling SpeedOptimizer, some of your PC settings that are constantly monitored by SpeedOptimizer will return to their default state (just as they were before optimizing them). The following settings will be restored:
  • Disabled startup applications will be re-enabled
  • Windows System settings
  • Windows user interface settings

For how long can I use SpeedOptimizer for free?

After installing SpeedOptimizer for the first time, you can use it absolutely free for 15 days. During the 15 days trial period, SpeedOptimizer will be fully functional without any limitation. When the trial period is over you may purchase the full version of SpeedOptimizer to continue enjoying all its benefits.

How do I remove SpeedOptimizer from my computer?

Go to Start -> Programs and find SpeedOptimizer program.
Select "Uninstall SpeedOptimizer".
Alternately you can go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> SpeedOptimizer.

Release notes:
  • Repackaging of bundled software ensures greater security apps compatibility.
  • Vista 64-bit - SO3 recognizes all the startup applications.

Known issues
  • On Vista and Vista 64 bit the creation of a restore point take between 1-2 min. During this time the SPO UI doesn't display any progress.
  • Disabled items on Vista - some options are not relevant to Windows Vista operating system and are disabled (grayed out).
  • on "Windows Vista 64Bit", the link to "system restore" (from the cleaners>registry) is not always linked to the correct place.
  • on "Windows Vista 64Bit", when system restore is disabled on the computer, the "enable system restore" link in the pop up message, doesn't always open the correct window.
  • When using "1 click optimizer" to clean file, sometimes, the amount of data for deletion shown before cleaning is inaccurate. Closing all open apps may solve this problem.

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